4-month blueberries

Small berries with a great effect. Blueberries not only taste really delicious, they also contain many healthy ingredients –  and the special thing about the Lucky Berry® (Vaccinium) blueberries is that they can be picked fresh directly from your own garden for 4 months.

4-Month Strawberry

Strawberries are a sweet, healthy snack for all ages. The delicious red fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals. You can’t get enough of them: After all, the unique Lucky Berry® (Fragaria) can be picked fresh for 4 months. Winter-hardy and does well in a pot!

The 4-month rasberrys

Lucky Berry® Raspberry (Rubus), a fruit that packs a punch. Not only their sweet-sour flavour is a delight - they also have an antibiotic effect and give your immune system a boost. Simply unbeatable and delicious! Fresh raspberries can be picked for four whole months. Before winter arrives, they should be pruned back.

The 4-Month Blackberry

The Lucky Berry® blackberry comes with plump, black fruits. The sweet fruits strengthen bones and teeth, and antioxidants, vitamins E and A prevent premature signs of ageing. So bring on the blackberry! It can be harvested fresh for 4 months.